NSCA Shoots Outside of Alaska

NSCA Alaska Delegates and the AKSCA encourage Alaskan Shooters to attend the 2018 World FITASC Event

The 2018 World FITASC will be held in France outside of Paris. The week long event is typically held in July.  The World FITASC is one of the very best shooting events! It is an event that should be of interest to Alaskans due to the fact that it is relatively easy to get to/from Anchorage.  For under $1000 you can get a round trip, non stop ticket that will get you from Anchorage to Frankfurt in 9 hours. Check out the FITASC website for information on this and other international FITASC events. It would be great to field an “Alaskan team" to this event! NSCA Alaska Delegate John Markel can provide additional information. Photos from the 2017 World FITASC in Budapest:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/152930205@N06/collections/72157683382648552/


A person can easily combine the world FITASC event with the French Grand Prix (FITASC) which is scheduled for the first week of July. Each event offers several days of practice preceding  the event.  Check out the FITASC website for dates, details and registration. The two combined events would require a 2 week trip to France. Allow a minimum of 1 week for World FITASC.

Currently there are Alaska airlines Milage tickets available for flights on Condor and Icelandic Airlines, if you have a lot of AK miles these are a pretty good deal. These offer direct flights from Anchorage that get you to Frankfurt and onto Paris in 10-12 hours. Alaska airlines allows changes or cancelations for these mileage tickets until April 19, with no penalty. Alternatively buy the tickets direct from Condor these will cost about $1000 each way for a coach ticket to Paris. Please note these cash tickets from Condor are non refundable, so buy travel insurance to cover changes or cancelations. The 10 hour direct flight makes a coach seat tolerable. So if you are considering the possibility of attending this event it is wise to get these milage tickets now.  (There are just a few of these tickets, so act quickly).  France does not require permits for shotguns.  Germany does require permits for all weapons so do not plan on getting off the plane in Germany but book your ticket all the way to France.

A reasonable budget for this event would be as follows:

2 meals and room $150 per day

compact rental car $50 per day with insurance

entry fees with shells $500( per event)

Misc. $100 per day.


Tucson, Arizona

Apr. 8-15, 2018

World All Around Shotgun Championships

Tucson, Arizona

Apr. 9-14, 2018