Mike Graves

NSCA National Delegate

I came to Alaska in 1982 touring the state and living out of a tent for almost four months. I started working in the Alaska’s Oilfield at Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope of Alaska in February 1983. I continued working north of the Arctic Circle until I retired from ConocoPhillips after 30 years of service in April of 2018. My passions are hiking, shotgun sports, fishing and bird hunting. Now that I’ve retired, my summers are spent in Alaska and winters in Arizona.

I was introduced to sporting clays in 2006. My passion for the sport quickly grew and the sport satisfied my personal desire of becoming a better shooter in pursuit of bird hunting. AKSCA has supported so many people with the same passion and desires with coaching, special and annual events for every class of shooter. The competition and people have always made the sport interesting to me and kept be coming back for more. After reaching a certain point with my shooting ability I noticed a new sense of commitment I felt compelled to share……I wanted to help others achieve their goals which were the same as mine. It’s gratifying to me to be able to help others and in doing so “It Grows The Sport” that almost everyone can “learn and enjoy and enjoy while learning”. That in itself led me down the path of acquiring my level one instructor certification with a desire to learn and teach. After all this time with being involved with the sport and with all the people enjoying and learning the sport I can proudly say “I’m still a student and always will be”.

I have traveled across the country attending many different shooting events over the years with so many quality people from so many different walks of life. Attending large shoots can be a real social event and very rewarding by turning those acquaintances into long term friends. With this, I look forward to promoting Alaska Sporting Clays Association ideas and keeping them informed of changes at the national level.



Jerry Soukup

NSCA National Delegate

My wife and I moved to Alaska in 1982 with the United Sates Air Force. After 23 years of military service I was fortunate to begin a new career with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game. During my 10 years with ADF&G, I served as the statewide coordinator for the Hunter Information & Training Program. Working with over 300 volunteer instructors, we taught Basic Hunter Education, Bowhunter/Muzzleloader Certification Courses and were heavily involved with Youth Recruitment Programs. This led to my first real exposure to clay target shooting with the Rabbit Creek Youth Shotgun League.

Being involved with these young shooters quickly sparked my own interest in the clay shooting sports, to include 5-Stand, FITASC, Sporting Clays, Trap and Skeet. I was committed to becoming a better coach and shooter, earning my NSCA Level I/II Instructor Certifications as well as completing an NRA Shotgun Coaching Course. After 14 years of shooting competitively and traveling to a number of Shooting Clubs in the Lower 48, I would like to help other shooters find that same passion, excitement and pure fun in the shooting sports.

As one of your National Delegates, I pledge to keep all Alaskan shooters informed of what is happening with our sport at the national level. I will work closely with our State Association and advise them of any rule changes being proposed, or any new programs or ideas being promoted to enhance the shotgun sports in Alaska. I plan to attend the annual NSCA Advisory Council meetings and will provide a thorough summary of what was discussed. Lastly and most importantly, I want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to improve our sport as well. You can contact me any time with questions or concerns at or my cell, 301-0381. Hope to see many of you at the shooting clubs.