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The mission of the AKSCA is to promote and govern the sport of sporting clays throughout the State of Alaska in a way which is beneficial to all who enjoy and participate in the game. The AKSCA is dedicated to the development of the sport at all levels of participation. AKSCA vows to create an atmosphere of healthy and safe competition and meaningful fellowship within its membership.

Elevating Shooting Sports

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Alaska Sport Clays Association is a non-profit organization. We appreciate your donation!


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How We Help

The primary function of the Alaska State Clays Associa­tion (AKSCA) is to work with the National Delegate(s) and member clubs to enhance and grow the sport. The AKSCA is responsible for the approval of the location(s) and dates for all registered shoots in the State of Alaska.

Our Sponsors

The AKSCA thanks our sponsors. Their support, along with that of our members, helps make it possible to accomplish all that we do.